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I Forge Iron

New Forge and Frosty T-Burner

Andrew C

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I finally got my stuff together and built the forge.  Here is my parts list and estimated time:

Research - 800 hours (OK, maybe not 800, but at least 40)

Shopping - 12 hours (Don't go to HomeDepot or Lowes in AZ, they don't have any small fittings.  Ace Hardware for the win!)

Fabrication - 7 hours (1 hour for the T-Burner and 6 for welding and grinding)

1- .035 mig tip

1- 1" coupling black

1- 3/4" nipple 8" black

1- 1x1x3/4 tee black

1- 1/8" brass coupling

1- 1/8 to 1/4" reducing bushing brass

1- 1/4" 90 ell brass

1- 1/4" nipple 4" brass

1- 1/4" coupling brass

1- 1/4" MIP to 3/8" flare brass

1- 1/4" ball valve brass

1- propane regulator with gauge and 6' hose (Amazon)

3- 3000 hard fire bricks for floor

6- 2600 soft fire bricks for walls and ceiling

Plate and angles are remnants from local steel supplier

bolts and wing nuts were laying around


I followed the Frosty T-Burner build except I omitted the flare fittings in the middle as I didn't see a reason to run flare to MIP to flare and back to MIP for the mig tip.

The tip was about 2/3 into the tee when I took the video.  I shortened it by an 1/8" and plan to test it later this week.

I'll post a video in a bit, it's on my phone and didn't want to type this on a phone screen...

Here is the video. I was running 5psi and the 1/8" bar was hot, but didn't get hot enough to start burning to metal. 

I also added some 3" legs to get it off the platform. I'll have a steel cart and not osb on saw horses!

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I finally got to run the forge for a few hours on Saturday and I took some pictures.  I noticed that I don't have any noticeable dragon's breath.  I was in full sunlight, but I figured I should at least see something?  I also noticed that I am getting a fair amount of scale on the mild steel.  I'm running at 5 PSI and the forge was on for a few minutes in these pictures.



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Is it forming scale IN the forge? Did you try it with the doors partially closed? What color was the forge when it was up to heat? Take a picture through the T so we can see where the end of the mig tip is. HOw about a couple pics f it running one right after you light ir and one after the forge is hot. 

Forget at what pressure you're running it, it doesn't matter. If you get it tuned properly it'll have a pretty flat induction curve whatever pressure you run. Turn it up it makes more heat, turn it down it makes less. The temperature of the flame will remain close to the same regardless. 

The hard fire brick floor will eat up a lot of fuel getting and keeping it hot.

Frosty The Lucky.

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