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Building my first press. Advice please.


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I have collected all the components for my press.  Would love any input on ways to assemble and mount before I start that phase. The motor is a 5.5HP 110v. The pump, valves and tank are off an old tractor. The cylinder is 4” bore and is brand new. 

I’m not positive but my math puts it at a 16 ton press power. I’d love if someone could check me on that. 





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There are too many unknown variables for someone to check your math. How many PSI is your pump? An "Old" tractor could have anywhere from 1000-2500 psi system depending on what era is was from.

Are you sure your motor is 110v? Although they do exist, "most" 5hp and higher motors are 220-240v.

As for the actual design and construction of your press, spend some time and do some reading. I don't believe that style of frame is usually recommended without some heavy modifications.

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