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New "move around" stand for the vices


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I am here doing some experimentation. I have four nice vices that I can use and very limited space. So inspired by this idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnZAD1odYoA (At minute 6:42) I made this stand with recycled and left over materials



After I bolted the vices I noticed they may interfere one with each other, but time will tell. You can see as well one of the dollies. The all contraption weighs about 200 kg. If needed, I can always add more weight to the shelf ...


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WOW, another how to video that spends almost the whole time showing how to use tools instead of building the project. However when it got to the good part the AH HAH moment made sitting through it worthwhile. Thanks for the link, great trick. I have a furniture dolly and see them at: yard, garage, etc. sales pretty often. Once I start going to them again. 

I have one suggestion regarding the vise closest in your first pic. If you move it to the edge you'll be able to bend long stock around the jaw and clear the table. However if you were to do the same to the one on the opposite side and rotate it 90* so you were applying torque to the table lengthwise it would provide more moment and be more stable. 

Nice looking bench.

Frosty The Lucky.


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That bench looks awesome. Those dolly's are gonna get a proper workout! Those narrow blocks in the video make me a little nervous though. The wood bench in the video is probably 20 times lighter than your steel bench. If all 200kg slip off and comes down on those steel feet, I can't imagine that'll do nice things to your shop floor. The weight might keep the bench stable when it's already up on the blocks, but it's the raising and lowering that seem a little sketchy to me. What's wrong with a pallet jack?

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Thank you guys for your replies

As you may see,  the floor is concrete. I had heavy massive objects (anvils and chucks of steel) falling on the ground and nothing happened. Unfortunately I have no space to store a pallet jacket. I am still wondering where I am going to put the power hacksaw and the lathe...

Raising and lowering is ok, after all I rise the bench 20 mm from the floor and the stand legs are slant for added stability.  

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