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Hello from Winnipeg


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Before I started restoring my 1970 Plymouth Satellite 7 years ago, I really should have joined a forum. I didn't, and I realized it would have saved a lot of time, money, and effort by reading what others had done, along with successes and failures. I'm hoping to avoid that mistake by starting out here, and reading as much as I can, before going knee deep into this new challenge. I've worked with metal for over 26 years, albeit as a machinist, millwright, and amateur car restorer. This will be significantly different I'm sure. I can't wait to start. Great to be here. 

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Good Morning 70,

Manitoba Blacksmith Guild is in your town. They had a Conference last Saturday, called 'ManIron'. They recorded it and it is available to view on their Facebook page. The Conference was done "on-line". 8-10 Demonstrators from a lot of places not in Manitoba, South Africa, France, Edmonton Alberta, Duncan BC, over 8 hours of recording.

You live in a very vibrant Blacksmith area!!


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Welcome aboard 70Satelite,

I had a 1956 Plymouth Fury that was a retired police car. It was about the fastest, I have ever had with dual 4 barrel carburetors and a Crane cam & kit. Wish I still had it (sigh). Your background will help in your new adventure. I must warn you though, hammering hot steel is addicting, along with being therapeutic. When I get frustrated, I head into the shop, even if it's just to make a couple of S-hooks.

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