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Buffalo Forge blower


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Hope I’m posting my question on the correct page.  I have a Buffalo Forge blower I’ve been using for 20 plus years.  My dad picked up at an auction for $40. In the mid 90s and gave it to me.  I’m pretty sure it’s missing the top part but can’t find any other  examples of this model from Buffalo Forge. Does anyone know what model it is or any information about it?



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Good Morning Gray,

Make a cardboard profile with clearance for the moving parts, bend a tight 90 degree flange for fastening to/with the 2 threaded holes. Use your pattern side-view profile to layout on a piece of sheet metal (?? whatever you can get your hands on). cut a 2"+/- strip of the same metal for the width, bend the strip to fit the profile and weld the edges together for both sides. Make your own cover (Alligator sieve) to stop trinkets from falling in the gear area.


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I don’t think it’s the 200 because of the way the fan and gears are perpendicular to each other. It looks like a smaller version of the champion 400 but it’s obviously not.  

Neil, I’ve contemplated putting something over it for years but never did.  Two years ago I moved for work and it set in a shed all year.  Last spring I pulled it out to use and discovered the chipmunks had thought it was a great place to store acorns and hickory nuts.  I believe I will follow your advice.  

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