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New Portable post vise stand


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Lets see the center is 3x3 sq. 33 inches long, The legs are 1 inch sq 33 inches long. on each of the legs I inserted a tube made from 1/8 pipe bored out to 5/16 . I centered the hole in the top of each leg (1/2 x1/2 ) put the tube in with the bolt and tack welded the tube in place. I made the tabs to hold the legs from 3/16 x1 in. flat. the two on the rear center are 1 1/4 long with the holes centered to match the leg. the four front tabs are 1 3/4 long and centered to match the legs( they straddle the corners )the chains are welded to the legs and the main post at 16 inch length. I set a sliding bevel to find what angle to cut the bottom of the legs and welded some 3" diameter plugs that I had for feet. The top of mine is 10"x12" x3/8" plate. at the bottom of the main shaft I mounted the vise and cut a piece of 3/16" x 2" flat and held it to the bottom of the leg to mark where the hole needed to be. I drilled it out to 7/8' then rounded the corners and welded it to the bottom ///thats more or less it. I gave it a good coat of primer then painted everything black.
hope this helps...I forgot one thing ...weld the tabs for the legs to pivot on 8" from the top....don't forgot you can adjust your vise about two inches up or down with your mounting bracket
when I assembled it I put the tabs and legs together with a 5/16 bolt and positon on the main post with magnets then tack welded the tabs.

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I made my center post from 3x3 sq. cause thats what I had but you could also use 3 pieces of 3/4" black iron pipe welded up (two down and one on top) or a piece of 2 1/2 pipe put a cap on the botom could fill with sand if you wanted more weight. Also to make the higth adjustable the tabs could be made wider with multiable holes .

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I used the 3/4 pipe.
I am surprised by how stable it is.

I used 2 inch square pipe for the vertical shaft (I grabbed the wrong piece) and 2/3 inch pipe fir the legs.

I raised up the leg hinge a little.
Tripod Post vise stand - Blacksmith Photo Gallery
Tripod Post vise stand - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

I ran into the problem that the bottom hinge on the post vise bumped into the bolt for the leg vise.

Tripod Post vise stand - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

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I like your top mount better than mine I used 3/8 x10x12 ...too heavy . I think the 3/4 pipe was a bit cheaper that square tube... looks good to me what did you use for the feet?

For feet I cut off some pieces of 1/4 x 2 1/2 it seemed about right.
The one thing I'll do different on the next one with the feet is take a bit more time grinding it so it'll match the floor. I was a little sloppy and I had to build up the weld a bit and the pipe walls wanted to burn out from the stick welder.
My welder tends to burn a little hot though.

the 3/4 pipe from lowes cost about 27$ but I planned on a decent amount of waste to use in my tong racks. I cut off 1 inch long rings of 3/4 and weld them around the top of my brake drum stands. This keeps the tongs and pliers neatly presented.
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