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Tools for center scribing, edge scribing

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Oddleg calipers (sometimes called hermaphrodite calipers)

or angle backmarkers

or dividers used carefully

John, thank you, those oddleg calipers are the berries. I'll have to buy a pair. Never seen such a thing before, but can immediately see all kinds of uses for them.
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Glad you found the information useful, you may be able to pick some up from any old engineers, or yard sales,

You can always make a pair for yourself, or modify a pair of dividers, one way to do this is to weld or braze a small piece of metal to one leg to form a shoulder stop, about 1/8" to 1/4" up from the end, to allow it to sit on the edge of the metal being marked, the other point can be then made to be level with this shoulder

If you make your own, a tig tungsten can be used as the scribing point

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hey i use a utility knife for scribing. most of my steel is annealed when i mark it out, so it is soft enough to carve a nice deep line in. also with the knife, you can tape your pattern to the steel and then cut the tape around the edges, at the same time scribing the steel! if you make templates out of thick paper you can also cut through the pattern in places to show bevel lines engraving etc.
i certainly prefer it to an actual scriber.

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