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G'day all, 27 year old construction worker from Melbourne, Australia. I just picked up the cheapest gas forge and anvil I could find and dragged some syructual steel cleats home. Going to work on some pliers first. 


Wish me luck! 


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Welcome aboard.  If you have browsed around the various topics here you will know that this is a world wide forum, most are in the USA but we have regulars from all over including several from Oz.  Take a look at the "Read this First" link in the blue banner at the top of the page.

Good luck banging hot metal.  I've been doing it since 1978 and am still learning.  It is a really good hobby and for some a rewarding career.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Now if you are wanting to make pliers; I commend Alexander Weygers "The Making of Tools"  (reprinted in an omnibus edition "The Complete Modern Blacksmith") to your attention.

if you are wanting to make tongs I would suggest getting the basics of smithing down first and then there are a lot of tong making videos you can access online.

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Welcome aboard Baz, glad to have you. Pliers aren't really a beginner's project. Sure they're a combination of basic processes but each component require pretty high precision an the two components need to match. Individually none of the processes are all that difficult, I could show them to you in an hour, easy peasy. The trick is getting a pair to match well enough to be functional pliers. We usually recommend you build some skills before making tongs and those are less dependent on precision.

I recommend you build your basic skills sets, it's much less frustrating mastering the basics but keep the pliers in your sights, it's an excellent goal.

Frosty The Lucky.

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