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I Forge Iron

Finally building the forge!!!


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but that ;link says rated for 1832F? That is a little low for a welding gasser How do I compare this to other products? I dont know what these numbers compare to. yo said it melts at 2100F

But being covers by some top coat our gasser may get hotter, but will that insulation "feel" that heat level?

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It's fire resistant household insulation, not a refractory. 1,800+/- is the working range, 2,100+/- is melting temp. It might be okay as a wrap outside the refractory but pretty much pollution inside a forge.

Welding temps in a gasser are usually in the 2,400-2,700f- range.

Coating with something like ITC-100 lets us get away with using refractories that don't have quite that working range but won't stretch it enough to make 2,100f rock wool work.


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Now if anybody falls in the bucket, they will burn up..... need a new sticker !

The graphic would have to have someone falling into the bucket head first like the the kid falling into buckets on the labels now only bursting into flames instead. :o

I love it. :rolleyes:

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