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600lbs Niles Steam Hammer

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Some pictures of the 600lbs Niles Bement Pond steam hammer I recently brought up from Texas and set up. I ran it on steam to begin with, but currently I'm using air from a 185CFM diesel compressor and a 500 gallon tank, with 2'' hose connecting everything. it hits darn hard, but will be in need of a rebuild sometime soon.

I built a motion lever mechanism very similar to the one Grant Sarver had, and it works absolutely tremendously. I'll make a youtube video about it at some point, but there is some videos of it running on my Instagram: @ethanharty

I will try to add more pictures later, as I keep getting an error message:)



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Ooooh what a BEAST for a home shop! Are you SURE about not wanting to set up a boiler and running it on steam? It'll hit harder and you can heat the house and shop though you'll want to plumb the exhaust outdoors, especially in winter. BUT, think of the local character value you'll gain when you make a demon sculpture for the steam vent. A BIG blast of steam out the nostrils every blow. Just look at the steam exhaust in the second picture.

You'll be a local legend as soon it's snorting through it's nostrils.  Perhaps a Laurel and Hardy sculpture, every blow Hardy's bowler would lift and spin as steam shot out his ears while his eyes bugged out. If you have a annoying neighbor hook a steam whistle to the exhaust port too. 

Think of the potential Ethan! 

Okay, truth is I'm really feeling hammer envy, she's a beauty.

Frosty The Lucky.

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One thing that I have been told about running steam engines, etc. on compressed air is that the packing, etc. tends to dry out and fail.  You may want to figure out a way to introduce some water into the system to keep them moist.

Other than that, it is very impressive.  I look forward to seeing a video.

BTW, what kind of a boiler did you use to run it?  Do you own a steam traction engine that you hooked up to it?

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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