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I Forge Iron

It all started with wanting to make a wood plane.


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Hi everyone.  I started my blacksmithing journey this year.  Like the title says, I was researching making a wood plane.  That led to blade hardening which led to forge building and down the rabbit hole I went.  I found learning blacksmithing techniques much more enjoyable.  I'm in the tool building stage, tongs, punches, hardy tools, etc.
Big thanks to Frosty and Wayne Coe.  We haven't spoken but I followed your wealth of knowledge in successfully building my first forge.  Freon can/venturi.  It's going strong, serving me well.
Although by resume says I'm a Computer Engineer, my strengths are troubleshooting systems.  I can't shake the time I spent doing HVAC work in my early years and keep getting my hands dirty in the fun stuff.  My current project is a NG ribbon burner forge.  I'm still in the designing stages and will post some questions soon.
Thanks all and if you were curious, no, I still haven't made that wood plane :)



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