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Justin Topp

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Been a while since I’ve posted hammers here so I figured I’d show what I’ve made. 

To start off here is a 2.5 lb cross peen on a 16” hickory handle I recently forged.


up next is a 1.75 lb rounding hammer on a 14” charred hickory handle.


finally a 3.5 lb rounding hammer on a 16” charred hickory handle.A8C7F1BC-1436-45BD-A7DC-EF0DFC5EC275.thumb.jpeg.31fe67d517bdbc9617acdc9e073fb4fc.jpeg

I feel I am finally starting to make nice hammers and was curious on what you all think?

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Hammers are on my to do list.   From my untrained eye they all look serviceable but they  also looks like a progression.  Each one looks better than the last!  It apperears that your hammer making skills are improving. The last hammer looks very good !

I am anal about symmetry and when I start making hammers that trait will cause me problems at first but should lead to a good result.

Your adjustable fuller was a good tool to make. I will probably make one similar to it but I might incorporate a spring.

Keep making cool things

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