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Valuation for damaged 150lb sisco superior anvil

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Looking for some valuation input on an old Swedish sisco superior.

Stamped “Made in Sweden” and “159lbs”

The face is nice and flat but the edges are rough and the heel is obviously missing. Thoughts on valuation? 

I’m in Boise, Idaho. Thanks!








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Are you thinking of buying it or selling it?

To my eyes that looks like a Söderfors. However I am not familiar with the name Sisco. I'm guessing it is a name used for export.

Söderfors is one of my favorite anvils.

Those edges are still very usable. you just have to find spots that suit your profile needs. That horn is one of the best and is in fine shape. That alone is worth the price of admission.

If it's yours I wouldn't sell it unless you absolutely don't need it.

If you're thinking about buying it I would consider anything under $1.5 a pound a bargain.

Good luck



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Tough question due to the current market.  In good condition one could expect somewhere between $ 5 and $ 6 a lb in the current market for the PNW in general.  It isn't actually worth that but people are paying ridiculous prices and if you wait long enough, a deep-pocket buyer who just *has* to have a "real" anvil seems to come along eventually.  In pretty bad condition like that, I'd probably call it no more than $ 2 or $ 2.50 a lb in the current market--it might push a little higher in big-city limits.  Too much risk that the damage will progress (assuming that it's properly checked for existing delamination and is still ok).  Anything above that and you could find better options with a little patience.

Again, that's not what it is worth---that's what the current market stupidity is allowing things to sell for with time and patience.

The wise buyer will take the time to beat the brush and keep looking as reasonably priced anvils are still out there:  Not everyone tries to milk their iron for every last penny someone with "anvil fever" will pay.  

Obviously your mileage may vary.

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