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  1. sirhc37

    Trenton year ID?

    Hey there - thanks for the welcome. I did read that, thank you for the link. The anvil lives here with me in Boise, Idaho... I'll update my profile shortly. I have read about caring for the hardened face, appreciate the tip. I'm early in my stages of tool collecting and shop set up, currently I work too much and have too many little kids to spend much meaningful time out there! Hopefully in a few years when things slow down a little (i know, right... ha!) I'll have a decent start to playing with some hot metal. Thanks again!
  2. sirhc37

    Trenton year ID?

  3. sirhc37

    Trenton year ID?

    Hi there - first time post. I recently purchased a 90 pound trenton anvil with the following markings: - L91 (weight i assume? Bathroom scale puts it at 90 pounds) - U.S.A. - SOLIDWROT - A4850 I know that seems like a low digit serial number, but the more i look at the spacing and the depth of indentation, I think its correct. From the little I've found it appears to be an early anvil. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Chris