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I am in need of an Anvil. I'm not looking to go and spend $400-$500 on an Anvil so im planning on going to my Local Junk yard as well as the Local U-Pull Place. Unless I get lucky to find a piece of RR Track or even an Anvil at a decent price, what could i look for to accomplish getting the right amount of Bounce with my hammer (32oz Estwing) as well as having enough Girth to allow for full strength striking. Im still Learning (Self Taught) so im not 100% concerned with having a Pritchel or Hardy Hole (unless i should be concerned with having one). 


Anything will help at this point, Thanks.

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Well if you go right over there they have some 4" thick plate that will make a dandy one.   See how helpful it is not to list a starting location?

(It's at the Scrapyard in Polvadera NM)

Have you reviewed the Improvised Anvils thread?  RR rail ranks pretty low compared to most of those. (The Polvadera Scrapyard has a number of 30" and up pieces of rail too.)


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2 minutes ago, Staibsm said:

I'm in Gastonia NC

We won't remember this once leaving this post, hence the suggestion to edit your profile to show it. This thread will help you get the best out of the forum with a lot of tips like how to do the most effective search and how to stay off the moderators radar.:)  READ THIS FIRST -

BTW Welcome aboard.

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Not a big thing; it's just that so much of smithing has a general location factor it makes quite a difference if you are in Georgia USA or Georgia near the European/Asian boundary. 

Even in the USA there are multiple Columbus's and Las Vegas New Mexico has been confused with that other one in Nevada at times.

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If you were dying for an anvil you could run after a 66lb amazon special. Accacio or something like that? 


Otherwise, there are sooo many large pieces of steel on heavy equipment. Behold, 988K bucket pins. 105lb and 115lb. Would make dandy improv anvils.




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