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  1. Ah I see, i havent finished setting up the Profile... Let me go and do that, thank you.
  2. Sorry I didn't even think to List that, I'm in Gastonia NC. And i haven't seen that thread yet but im going to go through and find it now, thanks for that Tip.
  3. I am in need of an Anvil. I'm not looking to go and spend $400-$500 on an Anvil so im planning on going to my Local Junk yard as well as the Local U-Pull Place. Unless I get lucky to find a piece of RR Track or even an Anvil at a decent price, what could i look for to accomplish getting the right amount of Bounce with my hammer (32oz Estwing) as well as having enough Girth to allow for full strength striking. Im still Learning (Self Taught) so im not 100% concerned with having a Pritchel or Hardy Hole (unless i should be concerned with having one). Anything will help at this point
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