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3/4" mikey burner air slots


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So I am building a 3/4" mikey burner as per the instructions in Mikey's book.  One difference is that I am making it out of schedule pipe instead of a pipe nipple.  The book calls for 4 air slots, however I believe since then Mikey proposes an odd number of slots?  My question is this: assuming I go to 3 slots, what size to i need to make them?

As close as I can figure, the plans call for 4 slots, 1/2" x 2 3/4".  I added up the surface area of the slots on a 1" burner.  Proportionally, It seems to me that on a 3/4" burner, 3 slots at 1/2" x 2 3/4" should be enough.  


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Add up the width of all four slots. Then divide by three equally spaced slots, instead of four. You will find the air induction increases, and you will also find that you have room left over to make the three ribs between those slots wider too. Isn't math fun when it goes in your favor? :D

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It's not so much overthinking as it is how weird and less than intuitive fluidics can be. Mike knows his cookies because of the research and experimentation he's done. 3 slots = laminar flow. 4 slots = turbulence. If you'd like something to overthink about, try turbulence, it's effects and how to control it will give your neighbors headaches. :huh:

I don't even try to explain why the T burner works as well as it does. It works well, is easy to make and tune which was my goal.

Frosty The Lucky.

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