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My first blacksmiths leg vice (7-1/4" jaws)


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Hello all,

I've been slowly picking up a few pieces of equipment and have just got my first blacksmiths leg vice, it's got 7 1/4" jaws, it's 42" tall, almost 2ft wide when closed and I'm really pleased with it!

I've only been blacksmithing six months or so having picked up an old 2ft diameter hand cranked leather bellows forge and an anvil from a local farm and have been really enjoying it. I saw this leg vice for sale locally and had to have it. Looks to be in excellent shape and the only thing I think it needs is the hinge at the bottom of the leg freeing up as it's a bit stiff. It's not been used for blacksmithing recently having just been a general vice on someone's workbench for at least the last 60 years. I can't see any makers marks on it but I read that more often than not they weren't marked. If anyone has any ideas on it's likely age or maker, or general comments I'd be interested to hear.

I'll be on the lookout for a smaller leg vice now.

Thanks for looking.





















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Welcome aboard Paul, glad to have you. Man that baby is a BEAST! Loosening up the hinge bolt may be as easy as using a good penetrating oil and moving it regularly. At worst changing the hinge bolt, maybe honing or chasing out the holes and using a larger bolt. Nothing unusual about it. Those threads look almost new. What a score!

Good home recipe penetrating oils are, "acetone and ATF," "Kerosene or diesel fuel"  are popular home brews. There are commercial penetrating oils that work very well too. I don't recommend WD 40,  it penetrates but is formulated to displace water rather than break rust and lubricate but I bet it'd work a treat if mixed with an oil.

The thing about ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) that works so well is the rust inhibitors in the formulas. Few things kill automatic transmissions as fast as rust and trannies warm and cool as a matter of course so drawing moist air is the norm. Tranny fluid often looks a little cloudy from dissolved water. The fluids are excellent rust breakers and preventatives. The acetone in the brew is a strong penetrant and so carries the ATF into and under every nook and cranny. It's my personal favorite home brew and is so much less expensive than the "REAL" rust busters.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Welcome aboard...

Great find on the vise. Like Frosty said a 50/50 mix of acetone & Trans fluid will cut through the rust and have it opening on it's own in short order. Don't know if you have read this yet,  READ THIS FIRST   but it is full of tips to get the best out of the forum.

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That vice really hits the spot ... and with the right spelling too :)

As for weight ... it should be 170 lb according to the PW catalogue, but will depend from manufacturer and age. The older the heavier. (Not necessarily the better) ... can I say betterer? 

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