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Can I rework these mason chisels for smithing?


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I scored these a few weeks ago and I was told they are probably exclusively masons tools. I am going to quickly be in need of some drifts, punches and chisels for my shop and wondering if I could expect these chisels to be of hard enough steel to be reforged for those purposes? Aside from dressing, could I expect the grind them to the appropriate shapes and just use them as is?


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As long s they are not carbide tipped they are great stock to reforge into cuts, punches and drifts.  Be sure to remove the mushrooming first. (And if you are not familiar with working higher carbon steels you may want to review those requirements for temperatures to work at and how to heat treat them.)

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A star drill is a specialized chisel used to drill holes in concrete or stone  by hand using a hammer. if you look at the end it looks like +

To use you put it on the masonry to be drilled and hit it with a hammer, rotate a bit and hit it again gradually chipping a hole out.  When I put walls on the old carport here for my wife's studio I used a star drill to drill holes for the anchor bolts.  2000 hits per hole is what I counted.

I have a small one I used for putting "dead eyes" on snakes I forge as having been run over by a car---forge a tire track tool to apply to a section of the snake's back and the  x  x  eyes.

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