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band saw blades

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Manufacturers tend to be close on such things; I'd suggest doing a heat, water quench and break test on them like one would do on any unknown scrap one was thinking about adding into a billet.  If it's not up to where you would like; use them for the Ni layers and something like file for the HC.  Or do a San Mai to have the edge HC and the sides "pretty".

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Bimetal typically implies a spring steel back with a high speed steel section welded on for the teeth.  Here's a bit of info on the process from one manufacturer that includes a hint that the HSS portion is M42/M51.  https://www.pilanametal.com/band-saw-blades.html  I didn't see a mention of what spring steel is used but I didn't dig.

HSS tends to want a heat treat that is beyond what most people can do in their places so it might introduce some problems.  I'm not sure there would actually be enough to complicate things but it's at least something to ponder.  

The biggest issue:  do you have a way to get the blade pieces perfectly clean so they'll weld up?  I'm assuming the shop saw in questions is likely a horizontal bandsaw and those see coolant and a lot of greasy surface gunk from the metals being cut.  All that should come off if you don't want weld skips.  It aint fun when there are lots of little pieces or the crap is hard to get off. Maybe plan to tumble them clean?

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