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Help Identifying Anvil

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I bought this anvil a few months ago and can find no clear markings on it. I have brushed off much of the black paint, applied flour and can see nothing. It weighs about 150LB, looks like the plate may have been ground once already. It has handling holes and on one end what looks like a slot to use in holding the anfil down. Anyone got any ideas what I've got.





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Flip it over and show us the *bottom*! HB's often have the edge protrude slightly giving sort of a squarish hourglass indentation on the bottom---on old one it may have worn off.

Also check under the horn down near the base to see if there are any markings there, like a serial number or weight stamp.

Is the surface under the heel smooth or does it still show evidence of the big hammer?


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Finnr, maybe I'll bring it West for a visit and you can show it and me how an experienced smith treats his anvil.

Kevin, it is a nice anvil and neighborhood. Lots of good people who like the sound of smithing as long as it is not too early or late in the day.

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