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First Real Anvil

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I went to look at an anvil today did not think it would be much at all , just another over priced chunk of metel!

Got there and talked for a while then the gentleman showed me this and I lost it inside.

ended up bringing it home cause here where I live you dont see many anvils and I have been working off a piece of metal that was re purposed.

So can any one tell me the year and if i did o.k. at $280.00 ?

should i find some one to repair it ? 

What weight it is?











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The damage does not look too bad to me. Trying to repair the edges will do more harm than good. We always recommend not doing any grinding, milling or welding on the hardened steel face of the anvil. The small amount of sway is actually a benefit as it makes straightening stock easier.

BTW: When searching the forum don't use the search built in (it leaves a lot to be desired) the best way to search is to use your favorite search engine like Google and add site:iforgeiron to the search string (would look like this-( peter wright site:iforgeiron) to find info on Peter Wright anvils. That way you will get a lot more hits.

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