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I Forge Iron

Demo tomorrow!

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Great. I have a CW living history tomorrow as well. Luckily for me it at my main shop at the Union Mills homestead. I'll start forging about 6am.

Also to pull off my side of the period presentation I need to start a daylight and end dusk as the blacksmiths of that period would have done.

Good luck and hope you do well.

I don't know bout you, but I will be glad to get a weekend off of events.

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Well, somebody must have cursed me or something! I arrived at the demo this morning and set up. About 2 hrs later my blower COMPLETELY froze up on me!!:mad: I borrowed some tools from my neighbor, a woodworker, but was unable to fix it. Couldn't forge for the rest of the day. To make up for it I came home with $120 more than what I went with. That's with no booth or reenactor regestration fees.:D

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Anytime you can come home with more money in your pocket than when you left it is a good day.

Finished my 2 day re-enactment up today. Brought home some extra cash too! Not as much as most of the re-enactments, but this is a very small one that is still in the beginning stages. Luckily though this one is at my main smithy at the Union Mills Homestead.

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