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lack of space; how do you get by

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As it's getting colder and I'm getting more into this, I need to think about space. So far I've been forging in a brake-disk/hair-dryer forge and grinding on a 2 x not-a-lot grinder from Aldi which I pull out from under my workbench when needed. Well the grinder ate itself so I'm building a 2x72, but I need to think about where it is. I'm preferring the idea of having it set up in the garage, but at the moment the outer (door) end of the garage is going to be my home-office work room. I'm not bothered about having tools and stuff around but I am bothered about metal filings and dust getting into my PC and coating my monitors. Does anyone else have a PC in the room they work/grind in? Would a welding curtain around the PC and shop vac (or hoover more likely) near the grinder solve the problem?

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Camper vans can be washed down with a garden hose, computers and monitors can not be washed down with a garden hose. Your call.

Keep dust and debris away from delicate things that do not play well with dust and debris. If you want to see how much dust is created by grinding, do it outside in the snow. All that gray stuff on the snow can be a problem inside a shop as it settles on everything. You stir up that dust just walking through and stirring up the air. How much is there now?  Do the white glove test with a damp white cloth and the top of cabinets, door frames, etc. Next wipe across the low areas, table horizontal rails, floor, corners, move the stands and stationary tools,  etc.  That is the stuff you have been breathing.

One way to clean the air is to put a furnace filter on a window box fan and let it circulate and clean the room air.


The best way is do not create a problem and you will not have to solve that problem.

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