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choosing steel of knife


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By way of background, I am an amateur blacksmith with about 10 years of general blacksmithing experience and now want to make a few knifes. I need help choosing  steel to suit my limitations, as follows:

1. I'm using a coal forge with a hand cranked blower. No special temperature control other than the color of the hot metal and a magnet to see when it becomes nonmagnetic.

2. I will be using a kitchen oven for tempering. It has a range of about plus and minus 9 degrees centigrade around whatever it is set to.

3. I will be using either water of canola oil, whichever is appropriate,  for quenching.

4. I will be buying steel from New Jersey Steel Baron and can choose from most common types, 1095, 1084, 5160, etc, etc.
I regularly make hot sets, cold chisels, punches, drifts,  and other tools requiring hardening and tempering, but  I want to make the best knife blades possible within the above limitations. 
With these considerations/limitations, which steel would you suggest. 
Thank you
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