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Treadle hammer home build

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Scrap pile build. It's a little hammer but the drop the tongs method of doing things gets old. Problem is in the hammer arm, it's got a little wobble due to the fact that I used a hinge for the pivot point... like I said though, it's what I had laying around...  Any ideas for getting the wobble out without changing the design?


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I'll post some pics. I decided to go with a set of uprights on either side of the arm. Not the most appealing but the simplest solution. Again, this was a "what was laying around" build. I used it the yesterday to make a push dagger style letter opener for my brother in law, hot cuts and a drift was involved and it was beautifully wonderful to use. Nothing fancy but I'll post that as well. I think i spent 20 minutes total on it. 

Push dagger letter opener. Quick and easy 




Btw, when tractor supply gets  new zero turn mowers in they come in a square tubing frame. Which they just throw away... And is where I got all the tubing for this build. Just pull around back and if it's by the dumpster you can grab it for free.

There's a top and bottom and uprights. The uprights are what I used. I made a total of 6 cuts out of two pieces for the build.


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Sorry I didn’t see this in time to make the suggestion before you added the uprights, but another option is to make a hinge from three sections of pipe: one welded to the arm, one on either side, and all with a big bolt for a hinge pin. That’s what I did for mine:


(The vertical square plates are reinforcing the round-to-round joint between the pipe of the pivot and the larger pipe of the arm.)

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When the hinge wears out this it's what I'll do. Which is what I originally intended but found the hinge to be less work and I wasn't sure if the imaginary blueprints in my head for the build were going to be functional...so I went with quick and easy but yet easy to modify (improve)if need be

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