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New Anvil Find

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New here, so please go easy ;-) 

Picked up this 36 Lb. anvil at an estate sale.  Could have been the old gentleman's or his father's from the way the sale was advertised.

I gave it a gentle cleaning just looking for marks.  All I've found is the number 4 and remnants of green paint.  Would be interested in comments on the anvil as well as any thoughts to age or maker.








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Thanks for the replies. I got around to updating my profile.  I live in NW Arkansas.  Nice area to look for old stuff.  I have a feeling this anvil came from Texas some time ago.

My wife and I go to lots of sales and auctions (mostly her, me when I can).  She's gotten really good at spotting things I would go after.  We've seen many anvils over the years but the prices beat us out.  She was the first one in the shop at a sale last week.  She pounced on the anvil and two vises before the men had a chance to get in the door.  At $10 for the anvil, I'm good with that.


20 hours ago, Irondragon Forge & Clay said:

 It would help to know where in the world you are located.

Speaking of..Carroll County eh?.. do you teach the trade over by Eureka?

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Buddy, you might be interested in our blacksmith group, BOA NW Chapter (Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas).  A lot of our members in the NW Chapter live in the Eureka Springs, Fayetteville, Siloam Springs, Gentry, Springdale, Marble, Harrison, Jasper, Mountain Home, etc. areas.  (Irondragon and wife are members).  Meetings of late have generally been in those areas.  Our next meeting will be a bit further away, in Mountain View at the Ozark Folk Center on Aug. 10.

PM me for further info if interested.

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Steel face, cast iron body. Note the steel cap for the horn too.  My Guess: might be a Badger or an II&B anvil due to the bolster under the hardy hole and the cut out in the foot below it.

Definitely a light duty item as you can see by the high nickel repair on it.

$10 was a good price for it.  Make a good jewelry making anvil.

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