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Anvil price!

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That sounds a little steep to me especially for around here.
There are usually several anvils for sale at some of the guild meetings and at most of ours.
You can probally obtain one in the $ 2.00 to $ 3.00 a lb range if you look around.
I think I know where there is about 4 of them for sale around here in antique/junk shops
but not sure of the price though.
A picture would help us give a better answer.

Mike Tanner

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Now there are two brands of anvil that use an arm and hammer logo:

The first is Arm and Hammer and their logo is stamped into the side of the anvil. These are good quality built up anvils made in Columbus OH back in the old days, the underside of the heel was left rough from the big hammer used to forge it out. If in excellent shape it might be worth US$4 a pound in NM, don't know where in the desert SW you are at, but I would try for a lower price.

The second brand is Vulcan and their arm and hammer logo projects out from the anvil as they are a cast iron bodied anvil with a steel face. They are a quiet anvil but I don't think they are near the quality of the Fisher anvils made much the same way. I wouldn't go US$2 a pound for a Vulcan as I'm not impressed with them---you ever get by the Socorro NM region, stop by the shop and I can show you a wrecked vulcan and a great Fisher!

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