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Jonah k

Dads 70th birthday present

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Finished this knife for my dad's 70th birthday this week and gave it to him this weekend. This was my first go at stacked pattern welded steel. To say the least , it was an adventure that took me to the edge of my sanity. I forged 3 blades before I got this one to work, the first one I forged to shape and it cracked at the handle to blade transition but I did like the shape, I believe it had about 29 layers. Then I gave it another try but I thought diddnt have enough steel. But I went ahead anyway and finished forging the second one. No supprise I did not have enough steel to make the shape and size I was after. So then I ordered some more steel to give it another try. While I was waiting for that I made the box and sheath. Then i made the 3rd blade and it cracked in the same spot as the first one. This one had about 126 layers and I think I forged it to long and lost too much carbon because it wouldn't harden properly. So then I ordered some more steel. "Running out of time now". Anyways, finished the 4th blade 2 days before the party. It has 73 layers but I ground quite a few away as I did not really forge this one to shape to avoid cracking. It is made of 1084 and 15n20 with a 80crv2 San mai center layer. The box is black walnut and maple with a zebra wood top, handle is also zeebra wood. The blade was etched in warm muriatic acid for 10 minutes. Also had some cracks and cold shuts in this blade but was able to grind them out. In the end I was happy with the knife and it was quite the learning experience.











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1 hour ago, Irondragon Forge & Clay said:

How did your dad like it? I'll bet he will cherish it and use it often, I know I would.

He liked it. It definitely made for a good conversation piece at the party. And i hope he uses it. 

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