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My First Anvil

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Hi I’m a new blacksmith in Manchester England I’m 17 and currently doing my alevels so money is tight so I am looking for a good starter anvil I know going as cheap as possible is a waste so I’m looking for a good starting anvil at around 100 pounds 

Thanks in advance. Josh

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Well, going as cheap as possible probably wouldn't be a waste of time. You could learn and hone your skills while you save up for something better.

Take a look through the improvised anvil section for ideas on what works. 

These are functional anvils. And usually Cheap to free, so save your money while you work the TPAAAT, or shop around for a new anvil you Want, while you Use something like these to build skills and actually forge. 

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Hi dawson, just to clarify so someone doesn't get the wrong idea, do you mean rr rail? Since the rail tie is the wooden crossmember and wouldn't work well as an anvil and also be full of nasty chemicals to prevent rot that you deffinately would not want to inhale when burnt by hot steel. 

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