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  1. i'm making knives preferably but i may end up doing other things later down the road.
  2. i'll do that thanks everyone for the info
  3. thank you i guess i should work on my hammering technique ill get the belt grinder and it would be very educational to talk with someone with more experience well daswulf i have a little bit of hand forging experience but not much
  4. thanks, pnut i have a small amount of experience with belt grinders but have no experience using air hammers
  5. shape out the metal to get it the size and dimensions i need. grind out ruff areas and make the edge. the rotary tool is a dremel 3000. sorry if i'm not very specific.
  6. well i'm planning on being a blacksmith and i'm trying to decide whether i'd rather do all the shaping by hand, or do all the grinding with a rotary tool. both tools would save me a lot of time but i'm on a pretty tight budget.
  7. so i,m having a hard time deciding between a belt sander or a air hammer to flatten out the steel. some opinions on which one i should get would be very helpful
  8. true but for the moment that's a little more pricey than i'd like.
  9. so i was making my first knife and learned a great lesson if your going to eat lunch don't leave the knife in the fire it will not be usable when you come back
  10. i apologize, yes that's what i was meaning. i have found that it works pretty well.
  11. i'm new to blacksmithing as well and i'm currently using an old railroad tie for an anvil, it works quite well actually.
  12. i have been told that normal brick used in a forge will start to disintegrate after so long being used in a forge
  13. dawson f

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    beautiful work
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