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Purchased propane forge


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I bought this forge and set it up. Once I put gas to it this was the result. I wanted to as if anyone could tell me if this looks right. Thanks in advance, I am new to this and don't want to waste materials.  Also could someone explain the guage to me. Thanks again




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I don't use a has forge but that definitely doesn't look right. Someone with more experience should be along to help you soon.

As far as the guage I can't really tell for sure sinceI'm using my phone but I think it is showing bars or atmospheres. You may want to get a different guage that shows PSI. Also I think there should be a needle valve along with the ball valve. 

Did you rigidize the kaowool before using? It's a respiratory hazard. All the info is in the stickies of the gas forge section.You'll also need a castable refractory as a hot face to protect the fiber insulation. You should read the stickies they'll let you know what you need.

Pnut (Mike)

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Heck no, that isn't right.  You need to open up the air inlet shroud to get air into your mixing chamber.  Plenty of illustrations in the Burners 101 thread on what an acceptable flame from a NA burner should look like.  Yours is starved for air.

The gauge appears to have two scales PSI and the equivalent metric pressure gauge in BAR.  In your photo you appear to be set at approximately 19 PSI (read on the inner, gray ring).  The metric equivalent is 1.3 bar (outer colored ring).  You should be adjusting the pressure with the knob on the regulator (the device near the gauge) not the isolation ball valve.  The latter should be either open or closed (yours is cocked about 1/2 open).  Typically I startup burners like that at lower pressure (say around 5 psi), then increase the pressure after the forge has a chance to warm up.

Mike is most likely correct on the forge lining.  Many of these cheaper commercial forges are more like forge kits, where you should finish them by coating the insulation.  You should also look into some kind of door system (even loose firebricks will be better than nothing) after you get the burner working correctly.

Why aren't you contacting the forge manufacturer for assistance?  Don't they stand behind their products?

PS: This is a gas forge, you have it in the wrong forum section, which may be why it has taken so long for folks to comment.

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LOCATION; hard for me to say, "Stop by with it Saturday and we'll get it running good and you can see how mine works." if we don't even know which of the 150 countries that participate here you are in!

Gauge should have markings on it about psi, bar, atmospheres, pascals, etc.

Last time I saw a burner with an extension above the jet entry it used a blow dryer as a forced air source.

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If the top of your burner has a threaded rod centered on it, then that top disk (large washer presumably with a nut welded to it) should be spun open a lot. Then try firing it up.

As Latticino has already advised - Open the ball valve all the way. Control the gas flow with the knob on the regulator.


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