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Terrified of quenching O2 knife

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So I tried out filing the whole edge by hand and it pretty much worked. I really felt it being harder near the tip and softer in the middle, so I just filed as much as I could. I basically filed until I literally couldn't file more, since the soft metal got removed, exposing the hardened steel.

I then hand-sanded it up to 600 grit, and glued everything together. Tomorrow will probably be when I actually finish the knife!

One question though, what grit do you think I should go up to on the knife (not sharpening)? I can imagine a mirror finish being annoying in the kitchen with food sticking more easier than on a satin finish, but what grit specifically do you recommend for a chef's knife?

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Ok, the knife is finished (two days ago) and I've never been this proud. The thing isn't perfect, but it's perfect for me atleast :) . I have to get better at sharpening. I used an electric knife sharpener that my parents had, even though I don't like that way of sharpening. It cuts, but the steel has more potential.





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3 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Most cheap, commercial, home knife sharpeners are an abomination to good cutlery.   Learn to use a good stone or get a *good* sharpening system and learn to use that.

Yeah I've always wanted whetstones but they seem too expensive. A coarse, a medium and a fine stone plus one for flattening must be very expensive? How much should one pay for each stone to avoid either getting a crap stone or a way too expensive?

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I've always bought mine used at the fleamarket and then cleaned them up often using directions from almost a century ago. You are mixing up higher price with higher quality. Learn what a good stone is like and then try to find them at better prices.

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