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Post vise mount


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Just picked up a post vise that’s missing the mounting bracket. They are stupid expensive on eBay.  Anyone have designs on period correct mounting brackets.  The flat bracket with three holes is easy, but wondering about the steel wrap around the leg, shims, etc..

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That strap that wraps around the leg and spring is called a 'Bale" tough I've heard it called a "shackle" too. Anyway, it's a piece of flat stock that's bent in a "U". There are matching slots in each side of the open end of the "U". Now, it slides over the leg securing the spring between the leg and hinge jaw. The slots are past the other side of the leg and overlap slots in the bolt plate. 

Those are not "shims" they are wedge and a slip. You tighten the spring to the leg by inserting the slip through the slots and driving the wedge in to tighten everything. The bale and wedges hold the vise leg and spring to the bolt plate.

Frosty The Lucky.

1442604551_Foldingvisestand01.jpg.edb898419e32d46bc01cc42c35b5c91c.jpg           1114276415_Foldingvisestand02.jpg.1307d39c439de7729a0a1ddd94155d2c.jpg




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Weld it to a steel workbench that's period correct for 20 years ago; I know because I bought one that had been done to; or were you interested in a specific period of the 300+ years these have been in use? I would not advise the one shown in in the facsimile edition of the 1703  "Mechanick Exercises".

Columbian sold a large number of post vises that used a U bolt and a bracket much like a piece of angle iron; I've got a half dozen of them and usually go that route when I need to make a mounting bracket.  With an UNPLATED U Bolt I forge it to fit the vise and drill a couple of holes in unequal leg stout angle iron, 2 for the bolt and 3 for the bench. Usually can get one done in an hour or so and be using the vise the same day. (Unplated U bolts and unequal leg angle iron is on my "if I see it get it" list for scrapyard visits; always nice to have them on hand when a vise falls in your lap!)

Now you make an ornate one with the rectangular slots and the C and opposing tapered pieces as well; but it will take a while especially if you have to ask such a question.

Have you asked around the Balcones Forge ABANA affiliate to see examples or to get help making one?


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