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100 pound anvil stand

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Welcome aboard Rally, glad to have you. What do you mean by ASO? If it actually is an ASO (Anvil Shaped Object) the stand doesn't make a lot of difference so long as it's reasonably solid. Long screws and a couple few 4" x 4"s on end will serve more than well enough. Heck it'll serve for any anvil. Lumber is fine but stand it on end, every joint in the stack shown in the beginning of that Youtoob video sucks energy from your blows.

A sand box makes an excellent anvil stand with the added bonus of damping the ring so you won't disturb the neighbors so much. They are also adjustable for height and level if necessary. 

I like steel tripods myself. It's a what works for you and what you come to prefer.

How about posting a pic of your anvil, we'll be able to make better suggestions. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Okay. That is NOT an ASO, it is a Rail ANVIL. It's a much better tool than a Chinese cast iron Anvil Shaped Object. An ASO is typically too soft to do much useful work on though they make okay hardy holes. 

If one end of your anvil is reasonably flat and smooth mount it on end smooth end up. That will give you a great depth of rebound and be a effective tool. You can then grind various bottom tools in the web and flange say: hardy, butcher, fuller, swage, bending forks, etc. Charles Stevens thread about rail anvils is inspirational for rail anvils. There is also a lot of discussion on good stands for end mounted rail anvils.

You're in good shape anvil wise. Honest. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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