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  1. Starting on a jabod after selling my old one, below is a rough plan on what it's going to be
  2. thomaspowers-haven't seen any broken ones of either but will ask when I go tonight to buy
  3. thomspowers- have looked at the bags and for the same amount of money I can get 10 pound more of clay from cat litter at walmart
  4. pnut- I can probably get some soil around me that is free as you say, but I said limited budget and have the money set aside to mix up a clay and sand lining, and with the soil with my forge pictured in the first post I feel that it wouldn't stay to the sides like I want, and with the information I have now, I am going to go ahead with and buy the 10 bucks in cat litter to get this ball rolling so to speak.
  5. slag-long day I feel like I am running on two hours of sleep and with my head cut off, I am clearly not thinking straight as now thinking about it probably doesn't, just with working with a limited budget I would like to make sure it would work and I know benitoite has worked so just trying to make sure it will work before sinking money and time into it, but seeing the last two posts I will just go ahead with it
  6. pnut - thank you for the advice, the only problem I can see in my future is getting it compacted because of how narrow my forge is at the bottom, but other then that thanks to everyone for the information and advice. looked at the bag of cat litter and all it says is ground clay and have talked to walmart who has contacted the manufacturer to inqurire about what type of clay it is, looking back I shouldn't of contacted them but did, am i right to assume it is bentonite
  7. pnut - I have found a recipe for 3 parts fire clay to 1 part sand but will this work as I will be using oil dry for the clay and not bentonite clay and I have a bag of play sand will that work or is it to big of particles. I assume that I doesn't in the slightest but as a novice I would prefer to know before I invest my time in this.
  8. pnut - The bricks have been thrown away, as i said this happened about a month ago and I wish I had taken pictures. But there was no saving the bricks they sunk in on themself, hence the reason I am asking about a lining that would hold up to the heat because the bricks aren't up to the task. But thanks to BillyBones and you, I now know what I am going to try.
  9. BillyBones - Thanks, i should of though about reading JABOD section, and I know what to expect from the anthracite, the blower I have has more then enough pressure. Just with my forge the way its insulted it couldn`t stand the heat. With regards to the cat litter clay, i feel like an idiot if i would have just looked at the JABOD section I would have known that I could used just clay, thanks for the suggestion of using oil dry
  10. i though that would work although I dont have clay i can go dig up would cat litter work
  11. Around a month ago I was experimenting with a new fuel source, nut-coal from tractor supply, and with that in mind. Six of my fire-bricks were completely destroyed,looked like glass, looking back I wish I had taken pictures. Was thinking i wanted to keep using charcoal, but like the coal because of no fire-fleas. Has this happened to anyone other then me, and what can i do to prevent this, or a different lining, any help appreciated
  12. Its more of an improved anvil then anything, its about a foot and half long, and I appreciate all the comments and suggestions.
  13. I figured as much and the only reason I even considered it is because I have a light ASO and what kind of stand would you guys recommend that would be sturdy and light enough to be portable
  14. On YouTube a guy made a sand filled anvil stand that weighed around 100 pounds is this advisable, thanks link here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn80WsvJc94&t=325s
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