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Wood fired washtub forge?


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 My goal is to find or make a forge design that can use coal, charcoal, and wood interchangeably. So far a washtub forge seems to be the best idea. I don't have a welder or angle grinder to make a metal one from. Has anyone tried wood in a washtub forge? What would you do to change a past design you've used? Are clinkers a problem with it? Thanks in advance.

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Look up the JABOD Just a Box of Dirt. 

As discussed in a current thread, it can be done but each fuel has pluses and minuses for the design.  Some modifications are more efficient than others, and each fuel works a bit differently, but it can be done. Nothing wrong with building 3 forges so you have the best forge for each fuel.

Rivets or bolts can be used instead of welds, and an angle grinder costs under $10 for the cheap ones. 

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Note that wood, charcoal and coal all do best with a forge designed specifically for them; so your goal is to make one that works poorly with all three?  WHY?

I would suggest building a forge that can be converted from using one fuel to another.

And as far as wood goes---you are actually forging with charcoal; just making it in the same forge.  I often forge using wood; but I put the wood fire in a raised firepit downwind of the forge and transfer the hot coals as needed so I don't have to deal with the flame, sparks and smoke at the forge. I even built a special shovel from gravel shaker screen so I can leave the ashes and small bits in the firepit and only transfer good coals.


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Sorry I wasn't too clear. I meant a forge that could be be adapted to fuels. My bad. I did some research on jabod forges and started to build one. I don't really need three forges since I'm just going to use up some wood I have and then move to coal. Thanks for the answers, I really appreciate them.

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