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  1. Thanks for the input. Here's what I used: I flattened some pipe and drilled a hole near the ends on the lower one. A spike was driven through them. The top is just hooked over and that's it. The spring is a piece off metal that was already bent so I just stuck it in. The moral of the story: there's no need to spend hours looking for a way to do something when you can go out and take an hour to do it. *The spring took half a minute;)*
  2. I'm using a hand crank blower from a very old sears catalog.
  3. I have a 5" post vise that I need to mount. The post is a 6×6 sunk 3+ feet into the ground. Also does it need a plate under it or something like that? How would YOU mount it???? ( without a welder) Thanks in advance, Hux.
  4. Charles the tuyere is 3/4" diameter, it's 3 1/2"below the hearth and I'm using bituminous stoked coal.
  5. Ok here's the coal forge I made using the guidelinesThe blast is near the bottom. Here it is after an unsuccessful forging attempt this morning. There was a fireball in the trough and the coal was piled up a few inches. The metal was a 3 ft pipe that I laid parallel to the table surface. It just wouldn't heat the pipe much. How do I make a useful fire in it w/ coal. Does the fireball have to be huge or what's the minimum size? Should I make a cave or trough?
  6. Alright, not exactly what I hoped for, but thank you for the info. I finally bought a 10lb sledgehammer head. We'll see how that goes.
  7. Hey guys I have the use of an anvil( my dad's) and the face is practically nonexistent. It seems to have been ripped off or never even put on. Can I hire someone to weld a steel plate on? Is that a good idea? Any ideas about the manufacturer? I plan to use it for weekend use as often as possible, I'm still a newbie, and I'm guessing it weighs 70# or so. Ask for more details and I'll add them. All replies will be greatly appreciated. Great thanks, H.
  8. ForgingH

    S0013 Hard Work

    First thought: gee, is it really that bad? Then I reach: " clean the paint splatters off the ceiling, wal....... then I cracked up for the rest. Nice story. Thank you Lord for 16!
  9. This should be posted with READ THIS FIRST. I wish I had.
  10. Great idea. I know what my first tongs will be made of now!
  11. I've been mining gold info out of this thread so thank you to all who contributed. Here's what Charles said that I cut, reorganized, and pasted: ////////JABOD Forge Extra thanks to Charles R. Stevens for forge details and experimenting. Dig a straight sided trench, 4" wide and 8-12" long. The tuyere comes in the side of the trench. The long sides of the trench slope down to the tuyere making it easy to clean and encouraging fuel to settle down. You would have 2" of dirt between the fire and the bottom and an inch under the tuyere. You want at least 3-4" above the top of the tuyere to the top of the table. Now at this point either use bricks or make mounds of dirt on the long sides of the trench up to about 4" to keep the fuel over the stock from running off. Banking coal works, but with charcol you just end up with all the fuel on fire, and still only get 6" of hot spot . So with charcoal and a 3/4-1” tuyere I find a 4x8” trench about 3” deep to the top of the tuyere good. That makes the trench from 4-5” deep. (5” gives space for coal slag to collect). With charcoal you need somthing to bank the fuel pile above the hearth (and over the fuel against) so you need a 4” bank on on or both sides of the trench. With coal you can bank against more coal, and a 6-8” round bowl works well but as I like the multi fuel aspect I use the trench for both.It also holds just a little bit less fuel, the sides make holding the fuel in place easier and it reflects the heat.  The trench is easy to clean and seems to give a better fire over all. Down side of the double walls is that scrolls don’t fit well. Single wall works well and one can always grab a brick.//////// I know it's not perfect but it's what I have for now......may add in the future. I look forward to finishing my forge and will show y'all when it's done!
  12. Thanks guys, I worked out a deal with a guy for just the box and thread instead of the whole vise. My wallet remains safe!
  13. Sorry I wasn't too clear. I meant a forge that could be be adapted to fuels. My bad. I did some research on jabod forges and started to build one. I don't really need three forges since I'm just going to use up some wood I have and then move to coal. Thanks for the answers, I really appreciate them.
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