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66 lb. Chinese 'ACCIAIO' Anvil Unboxing and testing

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12 hours ago, Viceplaint said:

Do you use a ring light? ... So, if you use it, please share the experience, Thanks!)

My guess is that Viceplaint is a bot or shill account trying to link to other sites for the traffic.  But since the question was asked...

I did not use a ring light, nor do I document things this thoroughly enough times to warrant the investment.  That being said, ring lights are GREAT for a lot of arms-length and closer shots since you don't have to combat shadowing nearly as much.  I invested in an on-lens one at work for taking pictures of stuff in cramped spaces of aircraft.  For most of what I normally document, I usually just position stuff to have adequate light- it makes everything so much easier and clearer to capture.  Doesn't hurt that I like to have lighting as bright as the noon-day sun in my workspaces, either.

Given my limited experience with them, I'd try to get one around 4000K in color, and uses COB LEDs and not a boatload of the old-style 5mm ones. 

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