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Milwaukee anvil

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I just bought a new old stock anvil off of a gentleman. He said that it is a new old stock anvil from the British army. I don’t know anything about it and I cannot seem to find anything on it other than cast steel. Does anyone have any information on this anvil?


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Look for the broad arrow that was used to mark British government property particularly for the War Department and Ministry of Defence.

something like    /|\    I have sledgehammers marked with it that I've found here at fleamarkets;: one stamped 1943 and the other one 1984.

If no broad arrow; I know the US Navy used a lot of Fisher anvils that have a steel face and  a cast iron body 

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Blue is the colour for Brooks and they also were know for thicker heels

However The Milwaukee Tool and Equipment company's website has a listing for Cast Steel Anvils including a 100# one.  What did they say when you contacted them?

"All Milwaukee Tool anvils are solid cast steel, machined, then heat treated and tempered. This reduces strain as the softer inner body absorbs impact blows through the hardened surface.
Meets all Federal Specifications: GGG-A-576B Type I."

I have sent in a request for prices on their anvils and leg vises. (though I doubt I could afford the 504# one...)


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