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Sourcing a fan for a Champion forge blower


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I have a champion 145-18 forge (the round little guy) and the fan inside of the blower has a "blade" broken off. I have the broken piece but don't see a way to repair it. Does anyone know where i can get a replacement or something else that will do the job? DSC_2154.thumb.JPG.a50ccd46c95ca1910bd7a5f38c0334be.JPGDSC_2151.thumb.JPG.41925402e9b90c5ff81f384225c86948.JPGDSC_2152.thumb.JPG.8d6ed5924371ed1002920f159f3bf7ed.JPGDSC_2153.thumb.JPG.ea4889f4caa7f2ec9888b660c3887469.JPG

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Broken sheet metal?  Tig weld it or braze it;  I've seen them riveted with a mending plate---but that throws the balance a tad off.

As to replacing it---you just have to buy another one in better shape and remove the fan blade and put it on your old one.

The ones with a cast fan spider are much more of a pain to fix!

Something else to do the job?  Another hand crank blower, an electric fan, a chinese box bellows, a camping air mattress inflator, a double lunged european bellows?   Yes.

Note if you are on my side of Texas I can introduce you to a welding instructor who can git 'er done in minutes!

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I had already tried what i had at my disposal which was a low temp soldering iron and it did not hold very well, came off after spinning right away. After some time thinking about what I should do i decided just to clean up the internals of the blower and keep it as it was, missing a blade. And with little effort i could get the blower to force quite a bit of air through the forge. None of the blades were hitting the walls due to an imbalance. 

Unfortunately Thomas I am located in san antonio (should probably add that to specify because Texas is really big) and El Paso is quite the drive. I haven't really lived here for a long time either so I don't know anybody who has gear for welding/brazing and am not very experienced at welding or brazing either. 

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