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go with what so others  added////90 wt  gear oil )rear end    Walmart in auto section Less the five bucks again to old farts   only an inch  or so ...I did last week  ,,,,Let us know  how you are doing   ,Also spend some extra $$ on apron that is over  $40  any less and you are wasting dollars  found top end  are 100  and up.....but are really a dream to wear and easy to doff on and off....Eye protection   I like full face head band  ...as  an emt  ////remember  an EYE injury  is the most painfull  youll  endure ,,,,also if yo drop red hot iron on concrete ,,,,,,it will first turn any minute  moisture into …...steam water freezes @32   liquid @ 40 and at 21 turns to steam ,,,,,,,,,,,expanding 1900  times it self In volume ,,,,,this lifts concrete /rock gravel and worse the cement needed to make the concrete...consisting of sand ,,,,not good on eye ball and lime OUCH !!!!! okay im off my  soapbox ,however as a mechanic over the  years ive seen chunks  air bornd and a lot of big guys  in tears ..also great protection for weed eating  Work safe God bless Frank in Clover SC

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17 hours ago, frankauten said:

Frank in Clover SC

Welcome to IFI Frank... Have you read this yet? It will help you get the best out of the forum. READ THIS FIRST

We won't remember your location after leaving this post, hence the suggestion to edit your profile to show it.

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I use the oilers they make for swampcooler's, nice spout, clean machine oil, just a squirt in through the top oil hole as needed.

As mentioned some are flow through oil systems and would profit from the al roasting pan of kitty litter under them.  Having a dirt floor in my shop---not a problem!

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