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Patch knife?


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I am trying to find information on what was called a "patch knife". I saw one several years ago and would like to find designs. The one I saw was worn around the nice and had a short blade about 2" long. It was used to cut the patch material used on a muzzle loader The unique feature was it folded into a piece of antler when it hung. Does anyone have any more information on the design of this knife? Thanks William

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Try some of the buckskinning sites like Track of the Wolf or Crazy Crow. They sell patch knives and you can get some good ideas of the blade patterns from them. I am a blackpowdwer shooter and have made and used a number of patch or neck knives. The patterns are as varied as the users.
All a patch knife is, is a small knife with a blade length of 3-4 inches. Some folks carry them in a sheath around their neck. I usually carry mine in a sheath attached to my shooting bag strap.

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