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Arc welder maintanence


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I've got a rotary selector in my Lincoln 225 AC that is so stiff to turn that I'm almost afraid of breaking it when selecting amperages.

The welder works fine otherwise, even though it's 30 years old. The rotary shaft is nylon and there are traces of what was once a lubricant.

That's the question, what would be the appropriate lubricant for this application?

James Flannery




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In any mechanical electric, I always use dielectric grease, like the kind you put in spark plug caps, great water and dirt resistance as well as lubrication, I would use some contact cleaner(available at Radio Shack or Walmart) then apply the dielectric grease to lube.

Matt Jackson

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For now, I took the easy way out and used the WD40 on the selector switch.
It worked! The switch has loosened up nicely and I can change amp settings without problems.

Another thing I did while I had the machine apart was to use some sandpaper to clean the contact points at the pivot of the selector switch. The two copper bars (visable in my second welder picture) must be clean to carry current properly.
The bars in my welder were pitted and burned.

After cleaning and reassembly, I noticed that the old welder was easier to strike an arc with! A definate improvement!

Whether this is a 'permanent' repair or not, I cannot tell at this time.....but I'll see.

The hardest part in working on these machines is the tiny screws that hold the sheetmetal housing together. Ridiculously hard to get all the holes lined up for reassembly.

If you decide to clean or work on one of these things, be sure to disconnect the power first!

James Flannery

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