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So last night I am moving my blacksmithing tools, stuff and supplies out of my basement and make shift shop in our old small garden shed into my new shop which is 85% complete. I try to pick up this dirty old box out from under a bench, well it is heavy and I have no clue to what is in it. I open the box and to my suprise:o there is a new centaur forge heavy duty vulcan fire pot asy. with dumping ash gate and clinker breaker. Ok ok it gets better inside the first box is a second box and in this one there is an air gate and a dayton blower with speed control.:rolleyes: I bought this stuff from some guy on e-bay 5 years ago, he bought it for his son who thought it would be cool to be a blacksmith and make swords well he changed his mind and got into paint ball, he never even opened the boxes. So I find the invoice in the box, Hang on to you hats I paid $115 with shipping for all of this.:D Now the hard part I have to wait until I get the in side layout of the shop set up before I can weld up a new table for it.:(

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