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I Forge Iron

First Thing I Ever Made!

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So, yeah. It was supposed to be a dual-pronged hot-dog holder, but I didn't quite have the hammer control I wanted, to say the least. I almost broke off one prong hitting the hot-cut crooked (My hole isn't exactly .5" as it turns out, it's just slightly larger so that the hot-cut spins when I hit it. >.<), so I decided to abandon my hot-dog related fantasies. I curled the almost-broken prong over the horn of my anvil, and made a fire poker for my forge. There are a whole bunch of things wrong with it, but hey-- the first piece you ever make is cherished, right??????





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I'm sneaky that way!

Bealer's book was the only one out there in my day. I purchased it after Weygers recommended it back in 1969. Little did I know that Weygers would come out with his own books a few years later. You would do well to add him to your library:

The Complete Modern Blacksmith
by Alexander G. Weygers

On edit: your hot cut chisel shank can be upset to fit, the vice will be handy for that operation if it gets mounted securely.

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wrap electrical tape around the shank till you get a good fit......and use them to cut Hot Steel.........your hammer control will get better with practice.........The important factor is you did make the effort and got a functional tool, the rest comes later.

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Hiya Vlad, First piece? Nice- better than my first piece which went well right up to the point where I burned it (*s*p*a*r*k*l*e*) oops!
You say there are a bunch of things wrong with it, not so-
You came to the anvil with hammer in hand and walked away with a finished product wrought by your own hands and mind and you learned a thing or two and that my friend adds up to a succesful forging session in anyone's book.
Now of course you can't help but notice the pervasive itch to get back to the anvil and hammer out a few more of those ideas that are now swimming around in your head which weren't there before- THAT is the progressive addiction of artistry in metal.
So now you're hooked. HA!
Welcome to the club. Dan:)

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I don't remember my first piece very well, a screwdriver I believe in shop class.

Being able to recognize when one project is going south on you and being able to adapt to another on the fly is a good sign you have the knack for the craft.

Well done.


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