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So I finally got round to rebuilding the work forge. The tuyere had burned well back into the forge surround making it difficult to heat the centre part of long stock (Pic 1). I took out all the old masonry there and added a new pipe (an old buggy wheel hub). You can see what was left of the old one. I used fire brick for the wall around the pipe, secured with heat resist mortar. A skim of ordinary mortar over the top tidied things up a bit.

Gave the new set up its first gentle firing today (after three days to allow the mortar time to set) and it seems to work very well. Easy now to put the middle twist in long fire pokers. Perhaps there are better ways to have done this, but time will tell. Comment welcome.


forge d.JPG

new forge 1.JPG

new forge 2.JPG

new forge 3.JPG

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I didn't know there was such a thing as a cast refractory outlet port. I happens that the buggy hub just fits the pipe from the blower and the metal is quite thick. And we have a few of them. A water cooled system sounds like a good idea and we have a few of those water cooled tuyeres I rescued from the scrap. Lots of suitable containers for the water too. Perhaps down the track a bit we'll go that way.

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23 hours ago, iron woodrow said:

If you need any refractory cement Darryl, for casting or mortar, I have tonnes of it. Literally. 4 tonnes.

Thanks, Woody. I should have asked you before I bought a bag of the stuff from down south. I will know next time.

I found a smaller water-cooled tuyere about 300mm long and about 120 mm at the big end with a 25 mm outlet. It's in good shape and  still has the original water fittings screwed to it. Maybe you would like to be consultant engineer on fitting it up.  Your expertise is always welcome at our Village - and your 4 tonnes of cement.

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