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Another question about oxyacetylene welding - tank transportation

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What is the best way to go about it?

I've read all sort of conflicting info on the web...can't tranport acetylene tanks on their sides.....yes you can transport acetylene tanks on their side....

So, how do all of you go about it? I've got a truck, is there some easy way to secure the tanks to the side of the truck bed?

Thanks again.

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Here is a previous thread on this subject. I did a search in forums for acetylene tanks and found it. I keep mine in the cart and made a bracket to fit the bottom of the cart then attached it to the truck bed and put some eye hooks on my tool box to put a ratchet strap in.


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depending on how many tanks, you can cut some V's in two 2x6s and wedge them in the bed of the truck, then strap the tanks to the boards.....

smaller/shorter tanks may require a third 2x6 in the middle.... the V's keep the tanks from rolling....

make sure that the tank is resting in the V... NOT the release stem!

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Any welding supply will tell you DO NOT LAY ON THE SIDE. They will not allow you to lay one on the side at their store. For those that insist on laying an act. bottle on the side you need to let the liquid settle for at least 24 hours, longer is better, or you will have an oily residue coming from you torch...not good. Oxygen and other gas bottle are no problem to lay on their sides. Years ago it was not uncommon to have to lay a mixed gas bottle on the floor and roll it around to remix the gases due to settling during extended periods of nonuse. Also it is AGAINST THE LAW to transport any bottle inside of a car or other vehicle, no matter the kind of gas.

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Try rolling the vehicle and then making the same statement!

My wife has laid down the law that I can put an anvil on the floor of the passenger side when taking the forge to an event even if it does help balance the load! I knew a fellow who and filled up his car with starter and alternator cores to return them to the store and rolled the vehicle on the way---can you say ball mill?

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Thomas makes a perfect point.

Of course, with all of the free info on the Internet about not transporting compressed gases inside of a vehicle I'm sure you're just joking.

DOT is in charge of gas cylinders. Their rules say the cylinders may be transported laying down or standing upright, but must be secured in the back of an open vehicle.

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While I'm at it, take a look. This should be eye opening to those who think it will "never happen to me".

You need to see this one if you never look at the others. Scroll down to the exploded vehicles.

1010 WINS - On-Air, Online, On Demand - Smoker's Car Explodes after Welding Gas Ignites
Port Chester Westmore News: Car explodes behind P.C. apartment house

How To Use Oxygen Acetylene Equipment Safely

The next one is a MSDS for acetylene. Scroll down to “other information” about transporting cylinders.

A Bit More Dire - The Daily WTF

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