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You could group them and all knives made the same couild be given one name for the group...Bowies are done that way. Bird and trout, tactical all are names that describe a wide range of similiar style. That does not seem to me to be what you wouild do. I for the most part do not name each knife unless something about it just has to be individualized. AS each knife I make is different from the next and each sheathe is fit to the knife the one method I use is to assign a random nuber to each knife and sheathe, Sheat get string tags and knives get stick on labels with the numbers. Then knife label has the sale price on it. When folks pick up a knife and want to see the sheathe it is really easy to show them the correct one as I just put knives on the table and sheathes underneath. They also know the price when they pick them up. Not sure if that really answered your question or not.

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When I put a "name" on a knife, it is generally because the knife is a "special" one, and something that occurred during it's creation inspired me, either during the process of making the knife, or something that I've seen/done during its completion.

For example, I have made Bowies that I've dubbed "Prairie Storm", because while completing it we had a huge storm taking place. Another I named "Wind Song" because while I was forging the blade, the wind was howling and whistling through the shop doors. Another one that comes to mind is "Ice Out", which had a blade of Mosaic Damascus that looked just like the ice on the river behind my shop, when it was breaking up in the spring.

Even something as trivial as an emotion can induce a name.... on a whim I created a folder and carved the titanium handle to match the pattern in the damascus blade.....I called the knife "Impromptu".

I'm working on a new folder design right now, and had a friend ask if I was going to name it. I told him that it was so new, that I hadn't thought about it.....until right then. The name of the newest folder model from me will be "Sonue" (So-New).

If the knife is right, and the name matches it, that seems to give the knife a personality to people. If a particular knife becomes popular, its name will often become directly associated with yours......not a bad thing for a maker!

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