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Natural fibers only!


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I usually wear a kaffiyeh (shemagh) wrapped around my head and neck while blacksmithing to absorb sweat and keep soot out of my hair. On Sunday, a spark from the forge must have blown into a corner of the wrap and been fanned by the breeze from a large stand fan, because I found myself thinking “What’s that smell? And why is my neck stinging?”

It's a good thing that the kaffiyeh is cotton, though: it smoldered (lost a chunk the size of my palm) but never caught fire. An artificial fabric would probably have blazed up or melted onto my neck. There's a reason for the natural-fibers-only rule in the forge.



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Not quite the "Natural Fiber"   Of course if you consider wood to be a natural fiber---or made from natural fiber, then clogs would come close and there are always Zōri to go with your tabi (I like the pair of chainmail covered tabi shown on wiki)...

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